Contradiction and cultivation

Seattle has a diverse coffee culture, but more Starbucks per capita than New York. A laid back atmosphere, but is the quickest city to flip you the bird while driving. Lots of police cars, not so many cops (seriously, why are all the cop cars just running while in the parking lot?). Maybe the best descriptive word is entertaining, regardless it certainly is beautiful here. After spending the morning of day #2 exploring the city and surrounding areas with my buddy and his family, I took a turn off the beaten path. A short ferry ride later I found myself on Vashon Island, an island about the size of Manhattan with a population of around 10,000 people. The lifestyle on Vashon is more, lets call it, “organic”. Lots of home grown fruits and veggies, livestock, chickens, you know, farm stuff. I Had the pleasure of seeing some college friends and spending some time on a new friends farm and enjoying an amazing farm to table meal (Thanks Bradon!). Experienced Vashon's “Strawberry Festival”, not many strawberries, but lots of happy people dancing around the streets which always makes for a good atmosphere. Another great thing about being in those environments is that connection happens in person. We spent time hitting golf balls around the farm (trying not to kill the chickens) and enjoying dinner at an outdoor set-up that was nothing short of restaurant worthy. Enjoyed some great times together, said goodbyes and returned back to the city. Bed time, after all it was 2 am.


Day #3. Mentally strong, physically beat! Being from Vegas, I am used to seeing elevation changes around the perimeter of the city, after all I was born and raised in that valley. Seattle on the other hand, is built of a seemingly never ending series of hills. Going down some of the streets is more like repelling than it is walking, and the climb up is always a challenge. I am taking in all this walking as practice of the big treks, like Machu Picchu. After my morning “hike” to coffee, I was fortunate enough to get in a round of golf, take a dip in the lake and then cap off the adventure with some indoor bouldering (I wish I had my camera for that). I feel like I’ve been going full speed since I have gotten here and plan on taking tomorrow to explore some more local highlights, the sculpture park, and possibly even the Space Needle, not sure what other “staples” of Seattle I need to hit but I am sure there are more. Even with all the hustle and bustle I have made the conscious effort to be outside, generally near the water line for sunset every night (which again, is around 9:30 pm, super amazing). I think it’s going to be a tradition for the entirety of my journeys. All else aside, I am grateful. For friends, for you, for this adventure and for every single thing that the future holds. If checking the site is a pain, you can subscribe below and that will send you an email when there’s a new post.

Thank you for being you, and for reading this. You make it real.