short story

You guys... this is serious...

I have always prided myself on being a proficient and efficient traveller. As you will soon see, getting all of this together and being super busy at work is taking a toll on my mental health. Background: Meeting 10:30 am, meet clients from 11-3 pm, lunch, meet other clients at 5-5:30 then then others from 5:30-6:15. Every break I get I'm working on the links in the website and making sure it works. 8:30 pm I go to my parents to personally solicit a ride to the airport at 7 am for my flight for Seattle, reluctantly my mother agrees. Cool, time to head home, I haven't packed a thing.

So, here I am doing laundry, packing, the usual, right? I look at my Air BnB reservation and realize I booked it starting Friday (PANIC!). Make a post about it, laugh it off (kinda). Then, a wonderful friend, Mr. Anders Isaksen, with whom I traveled the world with in 2009 on Semester at Sea says, "No problem, stay at my house, drive my car" etc (Life SAVED!). So in that 30 minutes or so, I calm down, I'm good. Now, I need to check into my flight or I'm definitely going to be C60 on Southwest. I Jump online, punch in the crazy confirmation code "RED ALERT! It is before your 24 hour check in window." Turns out I fly in Friday... I'm an idiot. Oh, I read that flight itinerary 5 times today.. still didn't catch it.

Stay in school.