On track!

I'm on track to be the biggest knuckle head in the most beautiful places on the planet at this rate.   Something you should know before you sit next to me on planes, I will fall asleep instantly. Most people wish they could do that, right? BUT, when I wake up, I do so in a violent twitching fashion. BAM. I'm up. Scares the hell out of most people, some laugh, some just refuse to make eye contact after that. After a few of those bad boys everyone around me is on their toes (or sleeping). None the less, I made it to Seattle. Took the light rail to West Lake, and mistakenly walked a half mile the wrong direction (with a 40 pound back pack and a set of golf clubs clumsily being dragged behind me). I'll just chalk that one up as conditioning for the long road ahead. Eventually I completed the mile trek to my Air BnB and was greeted by my host Crys, stellar place with an amazing host (SCORE!). Time to see the area.

Matts in the Market for lunch (THIS IS A MUST TRY), had the best pulled pork sandwich I have ever had. Great food, better service (Thanks Robbie!). Their menu is geared towards sandwiches and some fish dishes which looked amazing, but I digress. Seattle. Wow. Made my way through the market which is full of hand made good, decorative items and lots of restaurants.  I made a mile run to meet my buddy Gavin at the biggest REI I've ever seen, and proceeded to spend the afternoon/evening on Lake Union. Fun fact: There is a nude beach on Lake Washington, and it's nestled between some of the most beautiful homes out there. The patrons, well, not so much, it was like the scene from Euro Trip. Fun Fact 2: The sun hangs in the sky until 9:30 or later. When it did decide to duck behind the horizon, it produced one of the most beautiful sunsets to date (photos coming soon). More fun facts to come when I discover them. Spent the night catching up with my college friend Drew and discussing life, travel, priorities and everything in between. This promises to be an awesome 10 days. Question, would you be interested in a separate section on the web site that lists the restaurants, coffee shops, yoga studios, hikes etc and a thumbs up/down? 

Today's agenda: Strawberry festival on Vashon. Big thanks to Bedlam coffee for the americano, cinnamon sugar toast and wifi.

Lets go day #2!