How to travel cheap

How to travel cheap

The question everyone wants the answer to. How is it possible to travel long term? Well, I have finally gotten around to figuring it out. I spent a good 6 months not being as cheap as I can, but I'm officially a digital nomad at this point. Check out the details and let me know what you think! As always feel free to ask if you have more questions :) 

Destination Nicaragua

Destination Nicaragua

So, Nicaragua has come on gone, but if you are thinking about going then there is a helpful colorful depiction inside. As usual it may take about 43 valuable seconds unless you get lost in the photos. Thanks for reading and I've got some great stuff from Guatemala adventures coming up as well!

Did you know?

I'm leaving in 68 days. SIXTY-EIGHT!

I've caught on that a lot of people think that what I am doing now (galavanting around the western USA), is the reason that I started this blog. No doubt it is part of the process, but I have much bigger plans. The reality is I am leaving December 15th for one YEAR, yes, YEAR (maybe 2, don't tell mom). December 15th I fly to Argentina, then a few days later I fly further south to hop on a cruise ship to Antarctica. That is my first huge travel landmark of the trip as it marks the completion of visiting all 7 continents, very possibly before my 28th birthday, but I digress. I'll be making my way through South America couch surfing, hosteling, eco-hoteling, and maybe even some home-stays if they come about. Then back to the states in April for a few days to wed my friends in California (Yes, I am ordained lol). Then off to the -lands, Iceland, Finland, Ireland Scotland etc and down into Europe and Asia. Thinking of taking a vacation? I would absolutely love it if you guys came and traveled with me for any portion. Located elsewhere? I would love to meet up there as well!

Getting ready for this trip has been a cleansing rollercoaster of emotion. The last two months have been a slew of donations to Goodwill and spreading some of my worthwhile valuables to family and friends for "safe-keeping" (we will see about that).  Last week, I sold my Audi, the first car that I bought and paid off for myself. I'm learning more and more about myself and what really matters every single day. Getting down to a backpack is becoming way more of a reality. 

I want to take this moment to again so thank you for reading. Please go to the main page and subscribe, you will only get an email when I write a post and it makes the blog into work horse that can open many doors abroad! 

Much Love


Great Beginnings

So, I'm sitting at Victrola Coffee Roasters in Seattle (Justin you are right, best coffee ever) and I'm in awe that this is all happening. I just wanted to share with everyone how I got to this point in the process. About a week or 10 days ago, I was sitting at my house and I pulled out a notebook I usually write in, and found the goals I had written down for 2015. These included personal goals, business goals, and travel goals. I found I had reached almost all of my personal goals, a few of my business goals and a couple of my travel goals (not bad). Then, I picked up the pen and I wrote "What makes YOU happy". Travel, human connection, laughter, sharing stories, family, friends, etc (and 20+ more things). Maybe I will post a photo of the actual page so you can see everything. Then I went down the list and I asked myself how many of these things am I doing everyday? Am I maximizing my humanity and happiness or just my bank account? I am fortunate enough that I am doing really well in the real estate business, but I got to a point where the marginal gains in money, wasn't making me any happier (shouldn't be a shocker). I continued to write a list of what I could do to make a life worth living. What would maximize happiness even if it created contradiction to societal standards? Travel. Write. Inspire. Repeat.

It wasn't more than 10 minutes after writing my intentions down that I knew I had to get moving. Website, check. Social media, check. Backpack, check. Computer, check. Sense of adventure, check. Before I knew it, I was on a plane to Seattle for 10 days with no plans other than to make some memories. What it boils down to: you can do WHATEVER you want to do. If you're worried about money, you are already worried about the wrong thing. We are programmed to do just that, and that is our fatal flaw. At what point are we just working to afford work? No doubt, some people have found their passion in their work and I applaud that, but that can't be said for 90% of the population. Is it easy to follow your passion? It is, as soon as you acquire that mental ability to let go and flow. I'm grateful to be where I am, and I am grateful for you. I can only end this with one of my favorite quotes,

“the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

•Steve Jobs

Shall we?


p.s. I saw a house yesterday that had a full T-Rex skeleton in the living room, how "unrealistic" is that?