System overload, need to reboot.

System overload, need to reboot.

Error 499: Unmotivated; drive unrecognized. Ever feel that way? We all do. It doesn't matter if you've been working 60 hour weeks or traveling for 6 months, we all need to reboot. I threw together a list of things you can do to effectively reset your body systems, and no, it isn't a juice cleanse! Check it out and feel free to share!

Did you know?

I'm leaving in 68 days. SIXTY-EIGHT!

I've caught on that a lot of people think that what I am doing now (galavanting around the western USA), is the reason that I started this blog. No doubt it is part of the process, but I have much bigger plans. The reality is I am leaving December 15th for one YEAR, yes, YEAR (maybe 2, don't tell mom). December 15th I fly to Argentina, then a few days later I fly further south to hop on a cruise ship to Antarctica. That is my first huge travel landmark of the trip as it marks the completion of visiting all 7 continents, very possibly before my 28th birthday, but I digress. I'll be making my way through South America couch surfing, hosteling, eco-hoteling, and maybe even some home-stays if they come about. Then back to the states in April for a few days to wed my friends in California (Yes, I am ordained lol). Then off to the -lands, Iceland, Finland, Ireland Scotland etc and down into Europe and Asia. Thinking of taking a vacation? I would absolutely love it if you guys came and traveled with me for any portion. Located elsewhere? I would love to meet up there as well!

Getting ready for this trip has been a cleansing rollercoaster of emotion. The last two months have been a slew of donations to Goodwill and spreading some of my worthwhile valuables to family and friends for "safe-keeping" (we will see about that).  Last week, I sold my Audi, the first car that I bought and paid off for myself. I'm learning more and more about myself and what really matters every single day. Getting down to a backpack is becoming way more of a reality. 

I want to take this moment to again so thank you for reading. Please go to the main page and subscribe, you will only get an email when I write a post and it makes the blog into work horse that can open many doors abroad! 

Much Love


"Big" Concerns

"How will you afford it?" That is the first question every single person asks me when I tell them that I am taking a year or so off to travel the world. I don't blame them, that is exactly what we are programmed to care about from adolescence. Every tv program, commercial and movie outlandishly emphasizes how important it is to have money, and trust me money isn't it. "You only say that because you have money!" That's the point. At a certain point money does not fulfill your soul, and in fact it begins to decrease your overall happiness, its an inverted "U" on a graph, I'll link some reading to visually explain, but I digress. The fact of the matter is, I can't afford NOT to go. You ever think about something so much you go to bed thinking about it, you dream about it, and you wake up thinking about it? Well that's exactly how I feel about traveling and sharing experiences with people. Do you know what the average backpacking cost/day is in South America? $30-40, thats about $900-1200/month. Factor in I will not have a car payment, car insurance, rent/mortgage payments (I'm renting out my house), Internet/cable t.v. costs, unnecessary shopping sprees, etc. It is cheaper for me to travel than it is for me to wake up in Las Vegas everyday.

I repeat, I'm not doing this for the money. I'm doing this for the fulfillment. For happiness, for me, for you, for everyone. The hardest part of this entire journey is getting over the mental barrier and saying "I CAN". You know the whole, "If there's a will, there's a way"? All it takes is willingness. This is an opportunity for unprecedented growth and self expression. If my willingness to forget the box and to think for myself inspires just one person, then I consider this a success. I want you to have the fire and passion for your own life that I have created in mine. Not sure where to start? Don't know what you're passionate about? Reach out to me, many of you have already and I am here to be as resourceful as possible. Let's make this world a better place full of passionate people! Join me, let's make US better.

Only love!



"This is the best time of our lives"

Awake, aware and chasing the dream.

 I've been home in Vegas for over a week now and as you can tell, it has created a creative block. So many transitions are taking place in my environment that sometimes it is hard to sit and collect my thoughts. My house has been more like a hotel, one buddy staying for 5 days in transit to Costa Rica and my best friend is in town for a couple of weeks before he heads back to law school. It has been eventful to say the least. We are in a period of great mental and spiritual growth. We are choosing happiness over material wealth, embracing unity, and spreading gratitude. With that, I am making huge progress in my moves! I found someone to rent my house possibly even someone to watch my dog (watch, not keep!). I've got one more day of classes to keep my real estate license active, and then I am free as a bird! Time to take that progress into this weekend!

ZION. Seriously. I am actually going this weekend with my sister (Summer) and her husband (Justin). We are in the lottery for "The Subway" hike and if all things go as planned we will be drawn tomorrow around 12 noon and will be on our way Friday morning. 

REVIEWS. That is also going to happen. I will have more time in the next few days now that I have gotten my work done. 

EXTRAS. I'll post photo albums from the trips (Is that something you would like to see?)

Anyways, I am off to Red Rock to get in a night hike again. Thanks for reading, what else would you like to see? 

Much love


Patience grasshopper!

Sea-Tac for the morning. I jumped on the light rail at 8:30 to make sure I had ample time at the airport. 7:46 am: Email notification- Southwest flight delayed until 12:00. Cool. 8:46 am: Southwest flight delayed until 1. Blast! At this point when you are already half way to the airport you can react in two ways, FREAK OUT or take a breath and carry on without being bothered. I chose not to be bothered. Luckily, Sea-Tac airport isn't such a bad place, there is a cute drug dog, 7 coffee places, tons of people watching, and plenty of charging tables and plugs (Yes, I have to start recharging my phone after 3 hours..). 9:46 email: Southwest flight to depart on time at 11:30am. Sweet! Attitude is everything. So Seattle and probably the entirety of the Pacific North West has a really calm approach about attitude. Unlike Vegas, there is no conspicuous consumption. It's all functional flash. Money is spent on outdoor activities instead of Vegas' club scene. The Ferrari and Lamborghini flash of Vegas is Seattle's all wheel drive Subaru, Volvo, and Audi (and often a few model years older). You could be next to one of the millionaire minds behind Microsoft or Boeing at any given moment and you wouldn't know. I love that, Seattle you get it.

Seattle has a way of making you feel small. Getting outside has a way of making you feel small. At Olympic National Park the towering trees put your size into relativity. We really are just a grain of sand in this reality. Translate that into our day to day activities and it makes you realize how small our problems really are. You get to choose how much any one given event influences you, and how. Take control of your day, see the bigger picture and focus your energy positively. Time to board that flight back to 100 degree weather. 

“To be happy, we must not be too concerned with others.”
Albert Camus


Finding peace in chaos

Simple right? Peace is defined as freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility. Yet, everything peaceful is relative to the our perception. The last couple of days I've been on the run, from 9 am until about midnight or 2 am (hardly quiet and tranquil). I've been walking 5+ miles a day exploring, rock climbing, wake surfing and even spun fire poi for the first time! Yet in this commotion I have found happiness and peace, because this is the journey I have chosen. Once you are aligned with your path, you don't find happiness, you are happiness. You simply have to dig deep and figure out what it is that you want more than anything, what makes you, you? Do you even know? Most people are afraid to have that conversation with themselves, so DO IT, you are not like everybody else. Write down a list of what makes you happy, read it, affirm it, and do it! It's your world, we are all just coexisting in it.

Fortune favors the bold. Fortune is what happens through us, not to us. It is not money, it is not assets, it is our reaction to experiences. My buddy Taylor posted the video below this morning and nothing could be more fitting (Thanks Taylor, I appreciate you!). Off to explore the space needle, the EMP museum and maybe the aquarium (tourist level maximum!). Oh, I went to Chihuly glass museum yesterday.. words cannot describe the beauty in Dale Chihuly's connection with art and total disregard for "rules". Much love, thanks for reading!

 Be fortunate. Be bold. Be bright.