The "W" Trek : West to East

The "W" Trek : West to East

The "W" trek is one of the most popular hikes in Patagonia. There are several different ways that the W can be done directional and time wise, but this is the way I found to be the most enjoyable (but I am biased). If you are thinking of heading to Torres del Paine, feel free to shoot me any questions! 



An American, an Aussie, a Kiwi and a Brit walk into a national park, no it's not a joke. We just completed a 5 day and 4 night trek through Patagonia on the famous "W" trek! 83 miles and one smelly pair of shoes later, I'm back to crappy internet connection. Find out what I think the best part of traveling in this blog post! Stay Wild!

Did you know?

I'm leaving in 68 days. SIXTY-EIGHT!

I've caught on that a lot of people think that what I am doing now (galavanting around the western USA), is the reason that I started this blog. No doubt it is part of the process, but I have much bigger plans. The reality is I am leaving December 15th for one YEAR, yes, YEAR (maybe 2, don't tell mom). December 15th I fly to Argentina, then a few days later I fly further south to hop on a cruise ship to Antarctica. That is my first huge travel landmark of the trip as it marks the completion of visiting all 7 continents, very possibly before my 28th birthday, but I digress. I'll be making my way through South America couch surfing, hosteling, eco-hoteling, and maybe even some home-stays if they come about. Then back to the states in April for a few days to wed my friends in California (Yes, I am ordained lol). Then off to the -lands, Iceland, Finland, Ireland Scotland etc and down into Europe and Asia. Thinking of taking a vacation? I would absolutely love it if you guys came and traveled with me for any portion. Located elsewhere? I would love to meet up there as well!

Getting ready for this trip has been a cleansing rollercoaster of emotion. The last two months have been a slew of donations to Goodwill and spreading some of my worthwhile valuables to family and friends for "safe-keeping" (we will see about that).  Last week, I sold my Audi, the first car that I bought and paid off for myself. I'm learning more and more about myself and what really matters every single day. Getting down to a backpack is becoming way more of a reality. 

I want to take this moment to again so thank you for reading. Please go to the main page and subscribe, you will only get an email when I write a post and it makes the blog into work horse that can open many doors abroad! 

Much Love