Going Polish

After nearly 5 hours of ass time I had arrived. Hidden between two cities in Poland, yet prominently signed and designed was “Transit Center”. Remember that gear box I got replaced? Well I was shy one important piece and against our mechanic friend Jon’s suggestion to order it immediately, I drove through Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to the ‘mecca of Transit Vans’. ‘Oh great, a German’ their faces confessed. I disarmed them with a big American ‘Hello!’ and a fit man I figured in his mid 30’s stood to greet me in perfect english (phew!). I recounted my needs, telling I bought a gear box from them and needed one more piece. “It’s your lucky day” he said, as he brandished the piece I needed, but I was yet to know exactly how lucky. I asked for a shop that might install it, and he offered his up his staff. I asked if he knew a place I should park, he offered that I could park at his house with wifi, power and whatever else I could need. I asked how much I owed, he said, “Do you like beer”. ‘Does a bear shit in the woods’ I thought. “Of course” I answered. “You buy the beer and we are good!”. 


This polish angels name is Martin, after we had gotten that far in the conversation I found out that he was the owner of the business and a fantastically passionate person. A retired rally car driver, the man behind ‘drift van’ and a beer lover, my kind of guy. He toured me around the company, put my van in a condition better than the day I bought it, and we went to his house to drink two too many beers and stay up until nearly one am chatting with his daughter and wife. We retired and even though I had said thanks 15 times, I said it again, words don’t do that level of humanity justice. Before I knew I was asleep I was awake and it was 9 hours later. Adrianna, his daughter, said appeared and told me it was time for breakfast. We had breakfast together and I spent the day working on photos of the van to list it for sale. 4 pm rolls around and again Adrianna appears this time asking if I like sushi. ‘Does a bear sh….’ “YES! I haven't had sushi in months”. She laughed, and 30 minutes later Martin was racing us towards the restaurant. Beer, sushi, dessert and a whole lot of laughing later and I realized I missed my family a lot. Hanging out with them as they laughed and chatted I found myself looking through photos on my phone showing them my family, home and dog. I felt like I was again with an extension of my family, even though they were speaking polish to each other most of the time. We explored the city a bit and ate some ice cream, thank goodness we have two stomachs. 


The next day he gave me the necessities to wash the good old van that was desperate, fed me breakfast again, left his house open like I was his family and even invited me to something at the racetrack a week later. Feeling full, clean, and happy as a clam I made my rounds and said goodbye to the family. I’m thankful for exchanges like this, people that make the world shine brighter, who live passionately and love fearlessly. I welcomed them to my home wherever it may be and can’t wait until they day the come hang out where I can repay the happiness they brought me. As for now itsback on the road.


Stay Wild, Stay Generous. 


PS. Heres the last video I made and finally posted... Enjoy! NORRWWAAAYYYY