A real button pusher..

Last week I was only talking to cows, and this week I stopped eating them. That statement does a weird thing to the conditioned mind. Hearing, “I’m vegetarian” or “I’m vegan” is like telling someone you gave up alcohol (which is another mind boggler!). When Jazmin started traveling with me I had the same reaction, 'Oh, great..no fun zone'. Yet after eating 85% vegetarian diet with her, I was feeling good not craving meat and decided hmm not so bad. You guessed it. I also watched “What the Health” documentary on Netflix, did some research of my own and decided to try it for a longer period at 100% vegetarian. The way I see it, life is an experiment and my being is the test facility. So, on my terms and in my space, I’m giving it a go. I can already hear my family saying, “Oh, brother, he has gone over the hill into hippy ville”. I love animals as much as I love cheeseburgers, but this is for the benefit of my health, and maybe that happy cow.

The most interesting tidbit of this decision is WHY other people have such a strong knee jerk reaction to this. Eating a plant based diet is not going to send me straight to the grave; in fact I’m drawn to the idea that it may extend my healthy years. Americans (and most Europeans) are socialized with a meat eating diet. Milk makes your bones strong, you need to eat meat if you want to gain muscle, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I think bacon and eggs is the best combination since Batman and Robin, but that doesn't mean that it’s healthy or a staple in the food pyramid. I’ve always believed that if you want to find the source of the problem you have to follow the money trail. This documentary opened my eyes to what could be the main conflict of interest. It seems that the meat and dairy industry has so much power and money that they are writing their own rules. It’s something that could have serious risks to our health and happiness and that is something worth looking into. 

Look, I’m not saying you have to go vegetarian or vegan, and I’m not saying its going to prevent me from getting cancer or sick. Each person has to make the most informed and beneficial decision they can. I’m not going to start a vegan crossfire cult, but I am going to give this a damn good effort and report back on what I feel. As children we learned by trail and error. A stove isn't hot until it burns you and electrical sockets only shock you once if you’re a fast learner. As we grow older and wiser (hopefully) we should be open to learning from others mistakes. I’m not asking you to keep me in check, I would just like your continued friendship and feedback.

Outside of that, I was able to stay with my college roommates for a couple of days in Belgium. They were filming for an after video and because of that I was able to attend the largest festival in the world called, Tomorrowland. After a week of sleeping in houses and hotels I’m happy to be back on the road in my van, yet thankful for the hot showers, breakfast and company. Cheers to breaking the comfort zone wide open and chasing whatever it is that exists in this moment. Ever thought about a plant based diet, or had expereince? Feel free to share, also looking for some easy recipes for the simple life. 

Much love and Stay Wild,