It was an inside job...

I’ve talked to more cows than people in the last 24 hours, and I’ve only talked to one cow. Aside from “Bonjour!” (hello) and “No parlez vous francais” (I don’t speak french), I’m pretty much left to fend for myself here in France. Lonely is not my reality. I’ve caught my mind wandering into "I wonder what a tortilla chip factory looks like, the realm of space, the significance of earth and the speed of light . On that 19 hour ferry ride I watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and I’ve just finished Carl Sagan’s book Cosmos, probably why I'm so 'cosmic' at the moment. Did you know that the speed of light is 186,000 miles per second? In ONE second, light can travel around the equator of Earth 7.5x. That's insane. I mean, how often do you click on a light and wow over the fact that light has traveled to every corner of the room faster than you can think about blinking. Go ahead, flick that light switch off and on a few times and think about it. I digress. As Clark Griswold once said, “a wise man once said, wherever you go, there you are”, and I contend “however you think, so you will feel”. Staying positive and appreciate is always an inside job. 

Is it always sunsets and magical nature while living in the van? Of course not, but thanks to a lot of quiet time (and a jacket) even the rain is welcome to my parade. I do get frustrated. My back aches, gas is expensive, I make a wrong turn 3+ times a day and I have to find a McDonalds when I want to post a blog or photo. The difference is knowing no rain, no rainbow. No darkness, no light. The good always outweighs the bad and we all have to go through some shit just to find some magic mushrooms. Or, you can buy them at the store in Amsterdam! Joking aside, I’m doing the things I’ve always wanted in places I never knew existed (seriously, mushrooms are legal in Amsterdam). 

bust sometimes the sunset is amazing!

bust sometimes the sunset is amazing!

My big task is wrestling the idea of a job after life on the road. I’ve been more or less complacent about making money while traveling due to the cheap nature and volunteer work I have adapted to. I traveled South America, Central America, Asia, and the Balkans on a shoe string, often bargaining my costs down to 15 or less dollars a day including meals and stay. Europe has weighed heavier on the side of going broke. I’ve been the gracious benefactor of friends sending me money on Venmo, strangers donating to the blog and kind people treating me to dinners and a free stay at their house. There are a handful of people who can’t wait for me to ‘get back to reality’, I guess I’ll just appreciate this present moment for what it is and worry about the future when it gets here. It’s an unconventional life, but it’s the one for me. I am thankful for all of you who continue to read, share and give feedback. I hope you enjoy the video :) Yea, finally another video!

Much love and Stay Wild