The Beach, Dinosaurs and El Nido.

Hello my friends, and welcome new friends! It’s already been one month since I got to Asia; I’ve ventured through Taiwan, island hopped around the Philippines and as I write this, I’m on a three hour flight to Singapore for a short weekend, then off to Indonesia for about a month. What a ride! I take it most of you have realized that I am diving more into the videos instead of just writing and photography. I’ve had serious writers block lately so bringing you to the spot via video is much more fun (hopefully for both of us). I have no problem diving into sea snake infested caves just to show you how clear the water is.

 I also did my best to document El Nido, in the Philippines. It is on the “most beautiful island” in the world. It looks like Jurassic Park, there were multiple occasions I thought a pterodactyl was going to emerge from the dense tropical forest, swoop over one of the sharp granite cliffs and send the town into a frenzy… never happened. Just typical rainy season downpours with intermittent sunshine, new friends, sandy beaches, colorful coral and friendly locals.

El Nido, is also the area that inspired the movie “The Beach”. It has similar topography as northern Vietnam, but lacks the over populated beaches of Thailand where The Beach was actually filmed, good move on Danny Boyle (the director's) part. To get to El Nido, you can fly directly from Manilla ($$) or you can fly to Puerto Princessa, the main airport on Palawan island, and take a 5 hour van ride winding through rice paddies and palm trees. I opted for the latter. Flight from Cebu to PP was about $70 US and van was $8. 

Found a hostel called Mikee’s pension for $400 pesos a night (roughly $8.50 US) and stayed for 6 nights. *For the budget travelers out there looking for other options to stay in El Nido, look for OMP Hostel or Bamboo Hostel (basic but well advertised). OMP being the most popular with daily activities. Oh and it only costs 20 pesos to take a tricycle into town from the bus terminal (they will try and charge 150), stick to your guns! Lastly, make sure to go to El Nido bakery every morning for fresh hot donuts for 10 pesos each, my record is 6 in one sitting and you can thank me later. Fear not ballers, you can go to one of the exclusive resorts on its own island and drop $500 US+ a night. Feel free to get an fold away bed and I’ll come stay with and play tour guide, pool boy or servant, whatever you need! No matter how you stay the islands are captivating and I am better at making videos than writing! So without further adieu, El Nido! (after this short important announcement!)

I cannot thank you enough for sharing the videos and the website with your friends, it’s special to watch this whole venture grow in every direction. Feel free to tune into for other small updates/photos/videos of my antics around Asia and the world.

You guys rock

Stay Wild


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