Relatively nothing.

I had nothing to do today, and it felt absolutely amazing. Let me re-phrase, I chose to do nothing today and I accomplished so much. No bus rides, no sites, no museums nothing. I sat in a coffee shop and began making another video (not the one attached), that demonstrates how to use couch surfing and what it means for keeping costs down and bring real experiences to astronomical levels. Yesterday, however, I went on a massive adventure down to Kawasan falls in Cebu Philippines and did my best to document the trip in order to show you (instead of illustrating with words), my experience.

Whats not in the video: I left the hostel by myself, and I ended up spending the whole day with 3 people that I met on the bus ride there. The whole day cost me about $33, including my room at the end of the night, entry to parks, 2 (3& 1/2 hour bus rides), taxis and food/drink. It would have been closer to $24 if we didn't have that luscious meal for lunch! Anyways, I'm enjoying this "nothing makes me happier than thinking about 'nothing'" mindset right now. Where at home I was neglecting to read or further my knowledge in photography, videography, drawing, editing etc., On the road When I allow myself "nothing to do" time, I sit and watch videos that will better my editing skills, I watch tutorials on how to draw things that have always intrigued me, and today I finally finished "On the Road" by Jack Kerouac (Thanks for the book Will!). I'm feeling right at home on the road myself, and happy to be bringing you along for the ride. Check out the new video below, and as always feel free to share, comment and give me some feedback! I love nothing more than hearing from you all!

Give yourself a day of nothing, as always stay wild!