System overload, need to reboot.

Systems overload. Low memory, excess fatigue, slow processing. Quick fix? Turn it off, clean the hard drive and viola! Sure this works for your electronics but it also works for the most important electrical system, your body. Every now and again you need to disconnect and refresh. Not sure how? Fear not, because I have come up with a little list of things to do to help you out! So, shall we?!

Go for a Hike: Yes, I just told you to get off your ass and outside. Grab a backpack with some water and some snacks and go chase a trail. But,”it's sooo hot", so go hiking in the morning when the air is fresh and your body is too, or better yet drive to the nearest mountain and go hike there. "I can only go on Saturday", sweet, so save money by dodging the bar Friday, both your wallet and your body will thank you. Shoot out some personal invites and a broad invite with the date, location and time and I bet someone will make the time to go with you, but even if they don’t go anyways. Share some photos or a bit of your experience after, and next time you are guaranteed to have some tag alongs! It’s not always easy being the leader, but it is worth it!

Take some time to write: Grab some paper, a napkin, a journal whatever you have and jot down everything that pours into your mind. This could be things that you did that day, things that have been bothering you, grudges you have been holding, things you have been wishing for, etc. We tend to fail at getting things off our chest in a timely fashion, which effectively turns you into a human hand grenade waiting for the slightest gesture to pull the pin to explosion (or implosion!). This activity can be amplified if you get a friend to do their own writing as well and then you can share and watch the conversation bloom. For even more clarity, take that stream of consciousness you brought into the physical world and burn that shit. Throw it in a little trash can fire or a fire pit and let go of those things that no longer serve you. You will be incredibly surprised at how therapeutic this is. Give it a go.

Volunteer: Feeling unfulfilled? I mean it’s easy to feel like you aren’t good enough, doing enough, and even sometimes that you don't have enough. Yet, we have have clothes on our back, a roof over our head and generally enough money to buy some food as well. For real, you are reading this on your smart phone or personal computer. I digress, you want to donate the most valuable thing you possess, donate your time. Want to get physical? Visit habitat for humanity or the playground project, all they want your time, strength and possibly a little sweat. Looking for gratitude: go to a homeless shelter kitchen serve food to those who have nothing. Looking for praise? Donate your skills. Do some pro bono work, whether it be legal, photography, marketing etc. Help those who need it in exchange for nothing at all, giving is the most fulfilling thing you can do. Want insight? Go to a hospice or old peoples home. Spend time with the elderly just chatting about life, and find out what people wish they would have done with their youth. At the very least you get some great stories and a whole lot of smiles and hand holding. At some point in my life I was told the difference between a smart man and a wise man, is that the smart man learns from his own mistakes, and the wise man learns from the mistakes of others. 

Road trip: find a nearby national park, a mountain to dodge the heat, or a river to swim/float. Maybe there is a beach or a lake that you can camp on or even couch surf near. Speaking of which, try couch surfing. Invite a traveler into your home for a weekend, or make a profile and see if there is someone near by to stay with for the sake of meeting open minded people. Surely this is outside of most people's comfort zone but the stories and exchange are always worthwhile! 

Create change: Yoga, meditiation, tai chi. Thanks to the internet you can do all of these from the safety of your home. A quick YouTube search will reveal routines and meditations for all levels of practice. Give it a whirl, stretch the body and the mind! For a more social gathering invite friends for a potluck / game night. Invite people outside your immediate group of friends to join as well, you never know what kind of profound effect that creates for people. I mean sure, game nights and potlucks are not necessarily new, but the intention of creating a community experience in your own home makes magic! Take that group of people and find a place to look at the stars or play some frisbee/picnic! Life is only as interesting as you make it.

These are just a few simple yet highly effective ways to jumpstart your mind, body and spirit after repetitive days of conditioned abuse (it's science). I also find drawing or coloring to be super childishly therapeutic. Pair any/all of these things with a healthy diet and witness how great you can feel! Do you have something that helps you reset? Add it in the comments and lets create a comprehensive list to motivate the world to feeling better and breaking the mold!

As always, thank you for reading, sharing, donating and hanging out with me in this virtual space!

Stay Wild