Living on purpose

Wow, its been over a month since my last post. So, where have I been? Well Peru, Vegas, San Diego, Vegas, Los Angeles, Vegas, Guayaquil and finally the Galapagos Islands. Going home was great but, getting back on the road is even better. Why haven't I posted? Well, I was feeling pretty uninspired while I was at home and I found myself falling into old routines and habits, none of which were writing. What matters is that I’m back! I’ve found what I love doing most and I couldn’t be more excited for flights, long bus rides, hostels and language barriers. For some of you, that can be defined as “hell”. I’m living out my dream, this may correlate with some of you and it may just serve as a visual escape for others. Which brings me to my point, we may (and almost certainly do) have completely different dreams, but I hope that the dream we share is to be happy.

What is happiness? Is it sandy beaches, good music, a cold beverage and/or dancing wildly? Maybe it’s a great book, rainy days, a warm blanket, or a video of 43 puppies running blissfully through a field of daisies. The truth is, it’s all of them and none of them all at once. Happiness is relative to each person, it’s the mere belief that you are happy that matters. You are what makes you happy, we unconsciously elicit external stimuli as the cause due to a lack of depth and understanding.

If happiness was currency, whats your daily pay? Is it just enough to get up the next day, or are you the richest person on the planet? If we approached life this way we might very well rid the world of stress, war, and worry (even if only one person at a time). 

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change
— Wayne Dyer

"If we are happy, but we don’t know we’re happy, we might just as well not be happy. To be happy and know that you are happy is the overflowing of the cup of life." -Alan Watts


So, first steps on making a living, living? Do what I posted about previously, write the happiness list. Step 2, take the leap. That’s it. Two steps. Find your bliss, fill your life with sunshine and beaches, or books and blankets. Be selfish and do things simply because they make you happy. Eat that damn ice cream cone, take a salsa class, try rock climbing, make plans to knock an item off your bucket list within the next 60 days. Break the mold of the boring and shine like the star you are supposed to be. Embrace change, follow your dreams and don’t compromise your happiness for someone else’s bank roll. Only love for all of you guys out there all over the world. Also, I’m blown away by the amount of messages I have been getting for travel advice, life questions and “how to” guides. Helping you gives purpose to my passion! Also, will one of you please pack a bag, buy a ticket and come meet me! :) 

Stay wild dreamers!