Why I chose travel

As my 7:30 alarm rings I do what I have been doing for years, kick on my Bluetooth speaker, turn on Spotify and hop in the shower. 10 minutes later it's slacks or designer jeans, loafers, a nice watch and showtime. Tuesday mornings mean 9:30 am team meetings, tours, and hopefully some new business. You see, I am from Las Vegas, a city consumed by it's own wealth and I chose a career path in high end real estate which means money is king. I work for the highest grossing team in the city, I'm making great money, not working crazy hours, traveling often and I'm comfortable. Like, home owner, dog dad, could work for 20 more years and retire, comfortable. June 2015, I flip open my notebook to do some writing and find my business goals I wrote at the beginning of the year. I have met my shallow goals of making money and crossed off a few bucket list items, but somethings missing…. excitement and passion.

Best work family there is!

We live in a world that is disconnected and divided. It’s black or white, rich or poor, republican or democrat, for or against. We are quick to open our mouths and the last to hear people out. We can send a message anywhere in the world in milliseconds but we collapse when face to face conversation is required. We point fingers, make up stories and believe whatever comes across our Facebook feeds. We do, EXACTLY, what we are told to do. Media dictates a large majority of what people believe (I hope that’s not a shocker to you). In the US, 6 conglomerates control all of the main stream media, six. Turn off Making a Murderer for two seconds and take a look around. Why do you buy the things you buy? Is your dream board full of experiences, or just images of things you’re told to want? Shit, do you even have a dream board? Is that car or watch providing the return on investment you were looking for? I digress. It’s time you do something for yourself. Is 60 hours a week for 45k/year how you want to spend your life (is 100k any different)? It took me awhile to wake up to the fact that I was living the dictated “American Dream”, but the problem is, it wasn't my dream.

"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be" -Lao Tzu

Fast forward to March 1st 2016 (also a Tuesday). I'm currently sitting on a bus somewhere in the middle of Peru, I start the Inca trail in two days, I spent Christmas in Antarctica, hiked through Patagonia, mountain biked down death road, explored the second deepest canyon in the world and danced with a samba school during carnival in Rio de Janiero. All because I made the choice to live my life for happiness and not money. I’ve made great friends that live all over the world and created experiences that will be the only thing that last a lifetime. I want you to do something for you. 1. Grab a piece of paper, yes, a physical piece (or be lazy and use notes). 2. Write down, “What makes me happy”. 3. Write down everything that makes you happy i.e. puppy videos, travel, surfing, skydiving, bacon, family, my pregnant sister, tea cup pigs, swimming, helping people etc. Write what you would do if money was no object. It’s a little tougher than you think. After that, read it over, and figure out how you can do more of that every day (granted 24 hours of puppy videos might be a little obsessive). My only request is that you comment, private message, or email me and tell me that you have done it, and feel free to share the list, I’ll send mine in return. You guys make my world a reality and I appreciate you all for that. Thanks for being you and allowing me to be me. 

Stay Wild