Obrigado, Brazil

Wow, it’s been a couple of weeks since the last post, apologies, but life was in full swing! Since we last talked I crossed the border into Brazil from Chile and ventured into 4 different cities there (and actually two more since I hit northern Argentina on the Feb 10th). Now the biggest problem I have at the moment is time! How can that be? I am traveling for a year + but I am still bound by somewhat of a schedule due to planning (which is the bane of freedom). For instance I have to make my way up from Salta, Argentina to Cuzco, Peru via Bolivia by Feb 28th, and then back to Las Vegas/LA for a wedding by March 25th. All that being said, I feel like I am rushing a bit more than is necessary, but I am definitely going to slow down once I am back in South and Central America. As usual, I digress. This post is about my new favorite country in the world, BRAZIL!

So, I flew into Florianopolis on the 28th of January and instantly fell in love with Brazil. The people were kind, the weather was great, and everything was cheap (what else could you ask for?). I only had a couple of nights in Floripa, again, due to plans. One day was spent in a massive downpour and the second day I borrowed a bike, went to Mole beach, enjoyed the scenery and wished that I had another 2 weeks to spend here. From there took a 15 hour bus ride (my specialty) to Foz do Iguacu to see the #1 attraction in Brazil…Iguacu Falls. Again got rained on the whole time, but made it to the Argentine side of the falls (which is way better, sorry Brazil), hopefully you all saw the video on my Facebook page or Instagram by now. Proceeded to take a 23 hour bus ride to spend a week in Rio for Carnaval! Some of you may have seen the photos and videos of me dancing down through the Sambadrome in full costume (Thanks Igor!), if not hopefully you saw the hang-gliding photo. If you haven’t, www.facebook.com/elevatedendeavors or see below!

I barely made it out of Rio alive, those people know how to party. Besides all the stuff I’ve been doing, what really made me fall in love with Brazil was the people. They are so proud to be Brazilians, they don't give a flying f*#k about what you think about them or their body, and they generally go out of their way to help you (even if you're a gringo). Like any other country they have their problems but they speak openly about it, and if you look like you might be a target usually someone will warn you not to a. leave your bag even 3 ft from you, b. flaunt money, or c. get too drunk, but damn if you can’t figure that out you probably shouldn't be out traveling. I was sad to have to rush out of Brazil but I will definitely be returning for an extended trip, there is so much to see and do and the country is massive! Anyways, I have a couple of more posts to get working on, I already went through Northern Argentina (B-E-A-utiful) and I actually crossed the border into Bolivia today (cheapest country in SA). I’ll be spending Valentines day and the days following on a 4 day 3 night Uyuni salt flat tour. As always thanks for reading, sorry for the long break! Much love

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