Basically speaking

I have a trillion dollars on my mind, and it’s making me sick. Did you know that big pharma is a trillion dollar industry as of 2014? That’s a thousand billion dollars. A million, million dollars. It’s a number so big, it’s made up, just like half of the drugs they have that are more likely to kill you than make you feel better. Nowadays, if someone is mis-understood, they have a complex. If they are un-interested, diseased. Yet if they are un-informed, they are 90+% of the population that goes around smacking their flatulent lips on social media, spreading their garbage to further pollute the essence of individuality and free thinking. Unfortunately it’s easier to share, than it is to think for yourself. God forbid you log into Facebook and find someone that actually has their own opinion that isn’t regurgitated babble from some criminal big media source. Ok, I got a little worked up about all that, but it’s so sad to see what is happening to the world. This whole divide and conquer thing is working a little too well for big brother. 

It’s time drop the bullshit and get back to basics. Oxygen, water, food, shelter, and sleep. Literally, they only things you need to survive. Stop breathing for too long and you’re done. Don’t drink water and your mental in 3-5 days and dead shortly after. No nutrition for a couple of weeks and poof you're gone, dust in the wind. Fail to protect yourself from the elements, and you’ve put yourself between a bullet and the target. Finally, sleep will keep you from serious de-railing / trying to hold your breath too long to see if my first point was true. We have so far surpassed our needs that we now worry about the labels on our clothes, the color of our skin, and whatever else it is the the Kardashians are peddling. Think about your life with nothing other than the bare essentials. Naked as the day you were born. Look at everything you have since that point and ask yourself how bad you really have it. Going to buy something new, ask yourself 'why', answer it, and repeat that 4 more times. My friends, it’s time to wake up. Be conscious of your days.  Donate old goods, volunteer your time, share your smile, take a trip, turn off your phone, stare at the stars, laugh with friends, and never stop chasing your dreams. 

My smiling mug begging you to come spend a week with me, anywhere.

Stay Wild


P.s. Airlines have amazing Black Friday deals, buy yourself some opportunity for growth.

p.s.s > a trillion dollars.