Get off your "but"

“I would, but…” “I want to, but….” “I was going to, but…” Sound familiar? Every once in awhile we sit on our ‘buts’ rather than doing what is necessary. Whether it be a dead-end job, a passion-less relationship, or staying in a place that fails to bring us happiness, WE do it. ALL people go through these phases, the biggest difference is how we deal with them. When change is on the horizon, some of us resist, some shut down and others dive right in.  Once your mind is in the right place, you realize that change is happening with every breath. I was chatting with my mom about a week ago and she called me a flower child (pretty proud of that actually). She knows I haven't always been the most open minded person, in fact I was consumed by material wealth. I bought so many ‘things’; watches, cars, guns, gucci anything, expensive meals, sunglasses… you name it, I would spend excessive amounts of money on it. I was sadly becoming a ‘product’ of my environment, even though I knew better judgement. I've escaped it, and fallen back into it multiple times. I have been living a double life, one fascinated with travel, the outdoors, the unknown and another focused on, well as shallow as it is, appearance. Filling my personal needs while fulfilling what I thought I needed to be. Camping in Zion one weekend, strip club in Vegas the next. Yoga for breakfast and a DUI for dinner. I was torn. Very much in they way a candle does not burst into flames, it took a little spark in order to start thinking differently than I had been. I know I am a better version of myself now, and that's something I will never let go. 

How did I fuel that spark or realization? I changed what I was consuming. I started watching more documentaries and less ‘news’ (if you can even call it that). I started listening to audio books instead of the radio. I did things that felt right, instead of what fulfilled the societal norm. Then I began (what was originally a very tough task of) de-cluttering. As time went on, that process became habit. Less is more. Does this item serve you? No? Chuck it in the donation bag. I packed my life into a backpack and (basically) one small storage unit. I still have a long ways to go. Another breakthrough: I realized I was change, it wasn't something happening to me, I was creating it. I wish became I can; I can, I will; and finally I will, I am. Now, I am = I want the same for you. If I could break free from the chains that were drowning my spirit, so can you.

If you don’t like how things are, change it! You’re not a tree
— Jim Rohn

 Get off your ‘but’, create the change you want in your life. Ever hear, “the universe provides”? It is not some hippy dippy bullshit, but rather a conscious decision of choosing a path and doing what is necessary to achieve your goals. IF you adopt that mindset you will soar. You too can ditch the rigidity of society to become more fluid with the universe. Sound like I’ve lost my mind eating too much LSD? I’m writing this post from the rainforest in Borneo, where I am volunteering, spending no money, and doing what I love. If that makes me crazy, then screw it, I'm batshit crazy. I also know this paragraph has no structure, but you'll live.

Search relentlessly, love fearlessly and never stop chasing your dreams. I’m always here to help in anyway that I can, please reach out, come visit me on this journey, and share these posts with other people that may need a lift. I’m blown away by how many of you have reached out to me wanting to make a change already and I can't wait to see what comes next.

Join me, we are making this world a more peaceful and happy place.

Stay Wild