Workaway in Bali

Hello my friends and happy Friday! Another week is coming to a close here in Bali, which means I’ve logged about 24 hours of moped time, 7 straight days of yoga, and even 5 days of ‘work’. Yea, yea, you guys are like “work” huh?! Well yes. There is this amazing website called Work away ( that I had been hearing a lot about and I finally signed up to give it a whirl. Work away is a site where individuals, families or companies can post volunteer and/or work trade experiences. The premise is similar to Couchsurfing, (which you can read more about in my recent post) but instead of just asking for a place to stay, you are trading a skill or labor for room/board/food. Some hosts are looking for help around their farms, others with their hostels/hotels/ecolodges, and then there are hosts in need a photographer or some kind of content creator. Using work away you can travel to any of the 155 countries that have active hosts, have a place to stay, food to eat and something to occupy your time (different hosts offer different perks). Who says sitting at a desk to fulfill someone else needs is the way you should sacrifice your time? If you change your perception of a job, you can work your way around the world for close to nothing.

I signed up for Work away I started scrolling the hosts in Bali and I found a new listing that was looking for a web designer, photographers and an SEO specialist. I reached out to the hosts, Komang and Michael, gave them my travel details, a link to my website, and said I would be happy to help in anyway they found fit. I spent the following week at their resort doing just that. Basically I would wake up, surf, take photos of their food and rooms, fly the drone around their property, photograph more food, catch the sunset, drink a bintang or two, edit the content and repeat. The beauty of it all is I feel like by the time I left I had made great friends with the owners and the staff as well as with the other work away-ers. It was an endeavor that I plan on utilizing in as many countries as possible. If you’re looking for a way to travel the world and engulf yourself in meaningful cultural experiences check out, even if you are not traveling maybe you have some work you could offer as a host! It is incredible to be able to travel cheaply and share your skill set with people in different places. Anyways I loved it so much I made a video to share with you guys.

Pool area at Istana Balian

Beach near the villas

I just wanted to say thank you for sticking with me the past 11 months, I’ve got some exciting new stuff in the works. I’m officially a drone addict now, and if I can make a bit of money out here I am planning on buying one so I can share an even broader perspective with you! Feedback, encouragement, and shares are always welcome!

Much love and stay wild,