One month down

Ok so a month and 6 days, forgive me. If you’ve been keeping up, you know that it has been an action packed month. I can’t decide if its crazier that I’ve already been gone for one month or that one month is already gone and I’m still in southern Argentina.

 In one months time I have: taken 6 flights, 5 *extended* bus rides, 2 ferries, 1 cruise, couch surfed for 10 nights with 4 different hosts, stayed in 6 different hostels, camped 4 nights, slept in a hammock one night, trekked over 100 miles on foot, visited 11 different cities, two continents, lost one pair of shoes, started a youtube channel, and made countless life long friends. Tonight, I am splurging and staying in my first hotel in Bariloche. "Splurging "to the tune of $100 after tax, which is nothing when compared to what you would pay on average in the states, and this place is top notch (Design suites, Bariloche). I’ve spent slightly more than I budgeted for the travels this month, but I will make that back later on (Argentina is $$$ comparatively). Ive spent about $2,200 this month (not including the cruise, obviously) which is about 600$ more than I budgeted. The costs that added up came from items like; new sandals ($30), waterproof pants and gloves for Antarctica ($150..), life proof case ($70), last minute flight to Ushuaia ($100), and random other odds and ends needed for camping/traveling. There is also a $140 reciprocity fee to enter Argentina which adds to costs. Anyways, it’s about to get way cheaper for me as I move into Chile (tomorrow) and over to Rio for Carnival in Feburary (hopefully). That means a 19 hour bus ride, another border crossing, and city #12 & 13 (Valparaiso) and a flight to Brazil. All in, thats less than it cost me for my rent, car payment, house/car insurance and food in the US of A (not bad!). 

This was www.ichasedreams,com just a few months ago!

Other huge things that have happened this month? Well I was able to make a little bit of money from the blog thanks to a couple of donations. Do you want post cards from places, photos of something in particular, or just to help out with some internet/beer costs? Pop over to the Interact page, throw a little donation in that box and specify what you want it used for! On that note, big ups to Mike Paglia for the beer money (and first donor at that!), nabbed my favorite beer and a patio seat to indulge! Much love brother.

Cheers, Mike!

Also, I have to take a minute to appreciate Mr. David Samson for his contribution, it will make a massive difference while traveling, and you will be spontaneously receiving packages from all over the world, you are a LEGEND! Okay, enough of that. Bottom line is, I’m doing what I love doing, learning every day, and having the time of my life sharing stories and taking photographs around South America. Follow your dreams and all is possible. I’ll leave you with a couple of things that I find to be very powerful;

“ And then there is the most dangerous risk of all -- the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.” •Randy Komisar

On a (slightly) lighter note, El Chapo escaped from maximum security prison, twice, so whats your excuse? You don’t have to travel the world to find yourself, but once you find yourself you might just do it because you want to! I’m off to enjoy a $5 burger from a street vendor for dinner, I can only splurge so much ;)

Stay Wild


P.S. The video of the W-Trek will be up when I get to Chile, and some decent internet!