"This is the best time of our lives"

Awake, aware and chasing the dream.

 I've been home in Vegas for over a week now and as you can tell, it has created a creative block. So many transitions are taking place in my environment that sometimes it is hard to sit and collect my thoughts. My house has been more like a hotel, one buddy staying for 5 days in transit to Costa Rica and my best friend is in town for a couple of weeks before he heads back to law school. It has been eventful to say the least. We are in a period of great mental and spiritual growth. We are choosing happiness over material wealth, embracing unity, and spreading gratitude. With that, I am making huge progress in my moves! I found someone to rent my house possibly even someone to watch my dog (watch, not keep!). I've got one more day of classes to keep my real estate license active, and then I am free as a bird! Time to take that progress into this weekend!

ZION. Seriously. I am actually going this weekend with my sister (Summer) and her husband (Justin). We are in the lottery for "The Subway" hike and if all things go as planned we will be drawn tomorrow around 12 noon and will be on our way Friday morning. 

REVIEWS. That is also going to happen. I will have more time in the next few days now that I have gotten my work done. 

EXTRAS. I'll post photo albums from the trips (Is that something you would like to see?)

Anyways, I am off to Red Rock to get in a night hike again. Thanks for reading, what else would you like to see? 

Much love