"But, won't you be lonely?"

NO. End of post. All kidding aside, I'd like to frame the answer with reference to my trip to LA. Monday this week > " Hey guys I'm coming to LA". Tuesday> invited in by Steve Paz, a fraternity 3 years my junior from college. He shows me around his work (which he is doing so well in!) welcomes me into his house and is a more than gracious host. Wednesday> Off to Venice to spend the day with Mercedes, the most captivating dancer I met while wandering the desert at Further Future festival. Break up the morning to meet up with fitness guru and hair model Matt Walrath, one of my tribesmen from Burning Man, and then continue the tour of LA with Mercedes. Meander into Topanga Canyon to nestle into "The Castle" with the beautiful soul Daniel! Are you catching my drift? Travel and living life out loud affords you friends in all places! I spent today (Thursday, I think..) hiking up to the highest peak I could see, slack lining, rope climbing, ring swinging and doing Yoga with Mazen and Sophia in Santa Monica (that one couple that makes everyone else festival photos look bad, seriously they are ridiculously good looking people). Tomorrow> Yet to be determined.

So. I may be alone, but I am not lonely. I love to connect with people and I try and do it at every turn. Life is all about the journey, not the miles traveled, but the memories made and the smiles shared. It's about those moments that make you laugh so hard you cry and sometimes it's about the inverse situations. It's such a beautiful existence we are part of. Direct your focus, find your passion and chase sunsets. Sound crazy? It's only as crazy as you make it out to be. 

Stay bright, stay beautiful and thank YOU! YOU make me, me.