Zion. I love you.

It's amazing that Zion is a mere 2.5 hour drive away, and 90% of my friends have never been there or have been there, but never hiked there. I've seen endless beautiful photos of the different hiking trails there and this week I was fortunate enough to take my own. There is a "hike" called "The Subway" (google it, or look at my last posts on Instagram) and I have been dreaming about experiencing it. It's a 9.something mile trek in which you hike, scale some cliffs, down climb into a canyon, repel into some ICE COLD water, and then get to see one of the coolest natural rock formations in Zion. Rewind: to do this you need a permit. To get a permit, you either plan way ahead (not my forte) or do the last minute drawing and pay 5$/try. I tried 4 times and failed, but my best friend got the permit on his first try, hooray! The trail is pretty easy to follow if you keep your eyes up and the scenery the entire hike is to die for. Warning: the last mile of the hike is straight uphill, it's brutal. You should read about it, and see if it interests you, I'd love to go back and do it again if anyone wants to. I just love doing things outdoors and out of the ordinary and I'd love for people to join me!

Besides that I am back in Vegas now, the countdown is getting shorter and shorter. Only a few months before I am off for the year and I am still looking for recommendations and people to meet up with in Central and South America. What's your absolute favorite place? Is there somewhere in South America that you think is a must? As always thanks for reading and feel free to share. 

Stay Wild-