So, I'm back in Vegas. I went from backpack and golf clubs back to house, car, clients and responsibility (ugh, can I leave again?). A short 10 day starter trip, yes I said short, really got the heart pumping for some more travel. It's amazing when you're following your dreams it pulls at your very center. I've hit the ground running in Vegas trying to simplify my life and get the "necessities" done in order to keep my real estate license active while I am traveling (that means 24 hours of continuing education classes..fun!). I am yet to unpack my Osprey bag, but let me just say, that pack makes traveling easy, I'll post a page with reviews of whatever gear I take along the way. Working on scheduling, planning and budgeting. Looking for some insight on where I should start my route. Bolivia heading south, or Laos/Vietnam to explore SE Asia. Thoughts? What would you rather see first?

Seattle Takeaways:

Coffee culture amazing, so many little coffee shops with huge flavor.

Smiling is easy when the sun is out, the ONE rainy day I experienced really sucked the energy out.

Not nearly as many "pot smoking hippies" as I anticipated. Still on the fence how I feel about that.

I packed way too much crap even for 10 days. Understanding I need less! 

The outdoors life style creates such a beautiful connection with people and places.

Budgeting is an art. So is writing. I'm working at both. I've "budgeted" South America, coming soon.


Overall, I love Seattle. The people, places, scenery and adventures are bright and abundant. The Pacific North west reminds I am a work in progress, learning lessons everyday. Ready to take on the world, or some sushi, whichever I find first. Thanks for tuning it, heading to Zion or Big Bear this weekend, stay tuned.