Finding peace in chaos

Simple right? Peace is defined as freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility. Yet, everything peaceful is relative to the our perception. The last couple of days I've been on the run, from 9 am until about midnight or 2 am (hardly quiet and tranquil). I've been walking 5+ miles a day exploring, rock climbing, wake surfing and even spun fire poi for the first time! Yet in this commotion I have found happiness and peace, because this is the journey I have chosen. Once you are aligned with your path, you don't find happiness, you are happiness. You simply have to dig deep and figure out what it is that you want more than anything, what makes you, you? Do you even know? Most people are afraid to have that conversation with themselves, so DO IT, you are not like everybody else. Write down a list of what makes you happy, read it, affirm it, and do it! It's your world, we are all just coexisting in it.

Fortune favors the bold. Fortune is what happens through us, not to us. It is not money, it is not assets, it is our reaction to experiences. My buddy Taylor posted the video below this morning and nothing could be more fitting (Thanks Taylor, I appreciate you!). Off to explore the space needle, the EMP museum and maybe the aquarium (tourist level maximum!). Oh, I went to Chihuly glass museum yesterday.. words cannot describe the beauty in Dale Chihuly's connection with art and total disregard for "rules". Much love, thanks for reading!

 Be fortunate. Be bold. Be bright.