Down to a single bag.

Tomorrow, we begin!

I have managed to "comfortably" fit my clothes and sleeping bag into the pack on the first try, and it was easier than I thought (phew). I donated about 50 lbs (pounds) of clothes to family members, friends and goodwill over the last two days, and I probably have about...150 lbs left to go, but I'll figure that out later. More importantly I am packed, checked-in to my flight and checked-out of work (kind-of, for all my co-workers reading this ;)). All that being said my bag feels a little empty at the moment. What do you always have with you when you travel? Kindle, playing cards, frisbee? I brought my LED Poi to mess around with when it gets dark but something is missing. Also, I have 5 open days that I need some suggestions for; Secret coffee shops, local art, "must see" places, etc. This time I mean it when I say, see you tomorrow Seattle! 

Much Love