Holy 7 days away from take-off batman. Oddly enough, I still don't know how to feel. I have definitely had some fleeting moments of excitement and panic, but I think I am going with the flow at this point. I mean, I've got my house rented out, I returned the Jeep I was leasing and for those who follow on along on Facebook know I dropped my puppy off in Colorado (definitely the hardest thing yet). He is having a blast up there running around with 2 other dogs, 3 kids, a handful of chickens and plenty of grass, but I miss the hell out of him already (Thanks for the snapchat updates Nina). Anyways, this trip is right around the corner time to focus. Yet to book a hostel or find a host in Buenos Aires, but that should be easy (any recommendations?). It makes me feel better that some of you are probably freaking out about this more than I am. I digress, as usual.

Not all is lost. The tour company that is updating me on last minute Antarctica deals just sent me a rate for December 9th, so next week I should have a price for the cruise that I want to go on and let me tell you the wait is worth it. My parents bought me a Garmin Fenix 3 GPS watch today as an early Christmas present so I will have a GPS tracked map of my entire adventure that you can all plug into on the blog. Funny, all I told my mom was that if I had a tracker she would be able to locate me at all times, and voila (oldest trick in the book)! Well, before I keep blabbering on I want to say thank you. Oh, and if you are around the Utah/Colorado area go to Arches National Park, I stopped by there on the way home and I was blown away. Do the hike to the Delicate arch, you won’t be disappointed! I’ll be posting the photos on here (yes, I am finally going to make a gallery on here). Hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving, I am thankful for every one of you allowing me to share this journey! 

-Now, to avoid mistakes, what is one thing you always forget while packing? (comment below and help me pack).

Ginger out!