All things beautiful. Uruguay to Patagonia

One week down. This whole concept of time and travel…. time travel in essence, blows my mind. Since we last chatted I made my way to Uruguay for 3 nights and I am currently in El Calafate, Argentina (Patagonia). So lets start with Uruguay. I ventured from Buenos Aires to Montevideo via “Francisco” which is a high speed ferry (2 hours or so), and then ventured to Punta Del Este, which is another 3 hours by bus. Punta del Este is called the “Latin Ibiza”, which means its supposed to be a huge party. Being from Vegas, and it being a rainy Monday when I arrived I will say it was more like Fort Lauderdale (not so cool). Anyways, I made some Brazilian friends (Oi Amigos!) busted out the T-Rex suit and ran around Los Dedos Playa Brava a bit. Also, they say this is a beautiful beach town, but you would be better off going a couple more hours on the North east end to get to Punta Del Diablo, where the water is not brown and the surf and ambiance is much better. Well, two nights of that and I went back to Montevideo, which is the capital of Uruguay. DO NOT GO IN THE WATER HERE! Seriously, dead fish on the beach. Gnarly. So the beach was no bueno, but marijuana is legal there and I happened to stay in Hostel Santa Maria, which doubles as a grow house. Not sure if I should publicize this, but they give you a hemp soap and a “sample” when you check in (sorry mom). Anyways one night and a Star Wars VII premier later and I had enough and was ready to head out.

Perito Moreno

So, here we are in El Calafate aka Patagonia region. I am staying with a local that lives about 20 minutes outside the city center (Thanks Eduardo!), so I get to walk into town and take it all in each day. Definitely one of the most beautiful places I have been. The sun tucks away around 11pm and rises at 4:30 am. Lake Argentino, which borders El Calafate, is fed by a glacier which makes the water a shimmering turquoise blue (check the photo!).  It’s nothing short of stunning. I ventured over to Perito Moreno Glacier by bus today and was met by an experience that made every second of travel worth it. I took in a breath of crisp, clean air and set my eyes on a a glacier that goes as far as the eye can see…seriously. Wandered around the balconies surrounding the glacier listening to it crackle and fracture. Occasionally I would hear a thunderous crash as a giant chunk collapsed into the lake and a giant ripple would follow. I sat in awe while chatting with just about everyone that passed by (it’s kind of my thing), and shared some amazing conversation. Proceeded to pull out the T-Rex snap 123824 more pictures, then get on the bus back to El Calafate, which reminds me of Park City or any other single main street ski town. Do to my lack of planning (noticing a theme yet?) I had to book a flight out of here to fly to Ushuaia tomorrow, because, I GOT AN ANTARCTICA CRUISE!! YES, you read that correctly, I will be spending Chrismas and my birthday in Antarctica. Looking forward to stepping foot on the 7th continent, something I have always dreamt of. So look forward to that next week, not sure what my internet will be like on the cruise, but I will update via GPS. As always, thank you for being you and allowing me to be me, your support is what fuels the adventure. I’ll be starting a little youtube channel this week with information on the places I visit, travel tips, etc. What do you think would be good stuff for the videos?

Sending love from the ice!