Country one: Argentina. City: Buenos Aires.

Well. I made it. I have been in Buenos Aires for about 56 hours at this point and I absolutely love it here. I am staying in an area known as Palermo, thanks to Ana and couch If you aren’t familiar, Couch Surfing is similar to Air B&B except you stay with someone who offers you their spare bedroom or couch (Oh, and it’s free. SCORE!). Ana has been more than patient with my botched Spanish but luckily she teaches English out here which makes my adjustment period easier, because my Spanish is lacking at this point. If that wasn’t enough, I forgot to bring cash to exchange, and I failed to bring a converter. To make it more interesting, my wells fargo ATM card is making it close to impossible to pull out money. I seriously have $5 in my wallet (all in one dollar bills, not sure why that needed to be mentioned). SO, its been fun. Anyways, Buenos Aires is busy and beautiful. Everyone seems to stay up late, wake up early, and enjoy the outdoors even though it is 90-something degrees with an ungodly amount of humidity. It’s funny that I was looking forward to the heat and now I just want it to be a little colder! 

I think that is enough bitching for one post. The national currency is the Argentinian peso and it is currently trading between 10-14Peso / 1$, but otherwise their pricing is similar to home. Their beef is stellar, their coffee is strong, and the people are beautiful. There are tree-lined streets in Palermo and sprawling parks that are flooded with people (on rollerblades). Seriously, they are into their roller blading. Buenos Aires also has amazing cathedrals and a ton of European influence. Anyways, For me a few days in Buenos Aires was perfect. I sat down at my computer this morning and started making plans to keep moving. I booked a ferry to Uruguay and a flight from there to Southern Argentina (El Calafate). So tomorrow begins a journey to a new country and a couple of new cities. I’m staying in a surf hostel in Punta del Este for two days, then one night in Montevido. Looking forward to blue waters, new friendships and some cold beers on the beach! 


Hasta Luego!