I found myself...

   No plans. None. I found myself sitting at my office on Wednesday with my mouse hovering over the "Book Trip" button on Expedia. You see, after months of telling people that I was leaving for a year to travel and pursue life on the road I had booked absolutely nothing. Don't get me wrong, I spent plenty of time looking at The Flight Deal website, scouring the internet for Antarctica cruises (still not booked), and amassing a small army of articles on my Pinterest relating to my trip, but no plans. I was a broken promise waiting to happen. *Click* "Your trip has been booked!" What ensued was a feeling that I can only relate to my first skydive in 2009. My stomach dropped, my adrenaline was flying and I had an ear to ear grin glued to my face until I fell asleep that night. I've come to realize that this whole "flying by the seat of your pants" approach drives people to the point of argument (as if I was planning their trip and not my own). "Send me your itinerary", Don't have one. "Where will you be in March?" Somewhere South of Costa Rica and North of Argentina. I find a lot of truth in Ralph Waldo Emerson's statement that "Life is a journey, not a destination" so I am taking that route.

Needless to say I am beyond relieved that my flight has been booked. It opened me up to create a Facebook page for the travels, www.facebook.com/elevatedendeavors, and forced me into the Vaccination Center to get a Yellow Fever Vaccine. For those who know me well, I hate shots and needles and blood, and... well lets just say I can feel the pain when someone describes an injury so I just prefer to not discuss that (not so easy when your sister is an ER Nurse in Vegas). Anyways, I am booked and flying out on December 10th for Buenos Aires. I'm going to manifest myself a last minute Antarctica cruise deal while I am there and should be leaving for that on the 15th or 19th whatever the universe has in store. For everyone that wants to know what I am doing after that, refer to the last sentence in the first paragraph. Furthermore, I want to say thank you again and again for those of you who have reached out, for those who are reading this now, and for everything you do to keep me chasing the dream in the present. I'm off to Dallas on Wednesday to watch the Panthers and Cowboys game at Jerry's World with my cousin, if you have suggestions there let me know! I'll leave you with this;

"If you labor, you're a laborer, if you work on the farm, you're a farmer, if you flow, you're a flower"

Be a flower.