Make a living, living.

Friday, how do you sneak up so quickly every week?!

I'd imagine some of you are wondering why in the hell I have been running around in a T-Rex costume lately, and if you haven't you're about to find out why anyways. Last week there was this video of a guy in a T-Rex outfit running through an American Ninja Warrior practice course better than 95% of people could do without the suit (don't worry I'll link the video). Not only was this physically impressive, but the best part is it made me and everyone I showed, laugh. BEAUTIFUL! About 3 minutes after that I was talking with my buddy Taylor and we decided it would be amazing to make that a part of the journey. So. I bought a T-Rex costume and it's glorious. With that decision #wanderlustdinosaur and #followtrex were born. I want to be a source of light and happiness in the world, and I think the dinosaur will be a nice contributing factor. Yes, that means among the minimal space in my backpack, there will be an inflatable T-rex (should make customs interesting). Trying to think of a name for the Rex, I was thinking Franklin, but I think you guys should name him instead. Actually, I just had a stroke of genius, I think Rex will be known as Felicia, that will make leaving easy!

So, now that the T-Rex is out of the bag, on to Friday! Next week I've got a little trip planned for the weekend that can not be disclosed yet, so tune in next week for that update. I hope everyone is having a beautiful week leading up to what can only be a great weekend. I really need to book my flight to South America, if you want some amazing deals check out The Flight Deal and subscribe to their newsletter (That's how I find mistake fares to travel for cheap!). Get out there and do something amazing this weekend!

Bye Felicia!